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Telephone Message On-Hold Players/Recorders
Interfaces/Digital Voice Announcers & Other Equipment
Our Telephony Products can be divided into three basic groups:

1 - Digital Record and Playback Devices for KSU and PBX Professional Phone Systems
2 - SOHO, Small Office/Home Office & Consumer Style Telephone Interfaces, Booster Amps, Line Segregators & Simulators

3 - Digital Voice Announcers (DVA), Routers, Auto-Attendant Greeters, Other Telephone Equipment
MOH Digital Players/Recorders MOH Analog Interfaces Digital Voice Announcers, DVAs Auto Attendants, Night Message devices!
 Note: Click on any of the three groups above to get you into the correct equipment area. If you're having trouble figuring  our exactly which equipment you need, or to check our daily inventory of pre-owned equipment, just make a call to  702.868.7676 and we'll help you figure it out.

1 - Digital Record and Playback Devices - If your business already has a KSU/KEY SYSTEM or PBX style "Professional Phone System" or other Interface device that includes an audio input for Message/Music On-Hold (MOH) you will need a device to play your message for clients holding. With a very limited budget you might try a portable CD player. The downside to these units are limited life (6 months), If bumped, turned off or if there was a power interruption it won't know to turn itself back on when power returns and since you don't normally hear your own Message On-Hold.... well... you get the picture. Digital Playback units are immune to interruptions, and since you only "load" them once per update and play back from internal "Digital Memory," units with built-in transports only run minutes each year - and last and last. We offer devices from OnHoldPlus, Bogen®, Viking, Premier Technologies and others.

Digital units that are "Cassette Based" or "CD Based" simply use the cassette or CD to load audio into its internal DIGITAL memory ONE TIME. The transport then shuts down and plays audio in "loop" fashion from its internal Digital memory.

We have many more brands and models than show in our inventory. Please contact us to find pricing for a model you may be looking for.
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2 - Message On-Hold Analog Interfaces, Booster Amplifiers, Line Segregators and Line Simulators - If your phones are one to four line "consumer" style, with or without a "hold" button, one of our Digital Interface units is exactly what you will need. An interface unit can sense when you press the "hold" button to place the caller on hold and then allows you to play your Message On-Hold. If you don't have a hold button, some units let you simply press the star key or the "flash" hook switch. Our Interface units come in two styles: The Interface unit only and the Interface unit with built in Digital playback, in both manual-load or autoload versions. Check out related equipment like Booster Amps and Line Simulators Find out about these types of Interfaces here.

3 - Digital Voice Announcers, Auto-Attendant Greeters, Line Sequencers - This section is being developed, however, here we have single, dual and multiple port Digital Devices that can greet and welcome your callers, announce a list of employees, extensions, even announce school closings, weather reports, event calendars, hotel wake up messages, restaurant specials of the day and more. Some of these units are designed to interface to your PBX/KSU/Key style phone system via a "port" connection while others hook directly to the phone line and will answer/announce//transfer or answer/announce/hang-up. Different units may answer the call, greet the caller and forward to a live person. These units can also be used to answer the phone, play your message that might include a daily specials, sponsored weather report, sales pitch, after hours message, etc. and then hang up the phone line. Please call us to find out our current inventory.

NOTE: If you have more than one business using the same phone system and you would like each business to have its own Music/Message On Hold, you will need to "SEGREGRATE" your lines with a Line Segregator.

We carry all current brands and models of Digital Announcers along with a large inventory of pre-owned, warranted models TO SAVE YOU EVEN MORE! These pre-owned models may include Viking Electronics DVA 1002, DVA 1003A, DVA 1003B, DVA 3003, DVA 500, DVA 500A, Interalia SMU, DMU & MMU series, Premier Technologies ISP Series and more.

Just Added >> Before purchasing any equipment, check our PreOwned area for Lab-Certified Warranted Refurbished units priced at a fraction of new with years and years of service remaining!  
NOW - Save even more... ask us about our PreOwned/Certified/Warranted DIGITAL
Message On-Hold Recorders/Players from $169 - you won't be able to hear the difference from new!
Call us at 702.868.7676
Check with us before purchasing any On-Hold Playback or Interface equipment elsewhere. We handle Premier Technologies, Bogen®, Skutch, Viking, Nel-Tech, OnHoldPlus and more. Just about any brand and model. In fact, if you don't see a particular unit chances are we can get it for you at a very attractive price! We'll be happy to give you a competitive quote.
NOTE: Contact us with a legitimate equipment price quote and we'll try to meet or beat it! We work directly with the distributors and manufactures to get you the very best deal available and pass it on to you !!

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Note: While we sell models listed below factory new, we may have some models available as pre-owned , and include our Lab Certification and warranty. Please contact us for today's availability and lowest price! 702.868.7676

Powers Productions supplies complete recorded productions for Message On Hold, Auto-Attendant Voice Mail Greetings, Voice Mailbox, Telephone On Hold, Tele Phone On Hold, Telephone Commercials On Hold and Phone Ads On Hold.

We can supply productions for all types of wired and wireless (cordless) systems and PBXs including AT&T, Spirit, Legend, Merlin, Merlin II, Definity, Partner, Magix, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, Bell Labs, Northern Telecom, Pacific Bell, Northwestern Bell, Southwestern Bell, Bell South, , Atlantic Bell, SBC, Smart talk, Sprint, Vodavi, Panasonic, Radio Shack®, Magic On Hold®, Western Electric, V-Tech (VTECH), Conair, GE & General Electric, TT Systems, Ameritech, Uniden, and others.

We can handle productions for equipment models and sell most models new and pre-owned, including:
On Hold Plus / Intellitouch OHP-7000 (OHP7000, OHP-7500 (OHP7000), OHP-6000 (OHP6000), OHP-6500 (OHP6500), OHP-5000 (OHP5000), OHP-5500 (OHP5500), OEM-5000D (OEM5000D), OEM-5500D (OEM5000D), MOH-500e (MOH500e),

Nel-Tech Labs' Messager® and Multi-Messager®, Soundbrick® 500, 550, 550N, 1200 1350 & 1400 DD & DS, Sonorous™, TELink® 700a, 1200a, 1400a, 700d, 1250d, , Tel-A-Greeter™ 251, 252, 204, Tel-A-Page 2000 and others.

Premier Technologies ADL, HIFI, CDL, SM, RUF, RNT, DDF, ISP, NET, CH, DVR, MPU and DFA models including the 1300, 1304, 1308, DVR 1800, DVR 1804, DVR 1808, RUF 2700, RUF 2704, RUF 2708, RNT 2700, RNT 2704, RNT 2708, DDF 2800, DDF 2804, DDF 2808, ADL 3000, ADL 3002, ADL 3003, ADL 3003e, ADL 3004, ADL 3006, ADL 3006e, ADL 3008, ADL 3008e, ADL 3012, ADL 3012e, ADL 3100, ADL 3102, ADL 3103, ADL 3103e, ADL 3104, ADL 3106, ADL 3106e, ADL 3108, ADL 3108e, ADL 3112, ADL 3112E, ADL 3116, ADL 3118, 3200, 3204, 3206, 3208, 3500, 4000, 4004, 4008, 4100, 4104, 4106, 4108, 4200, 4204, 4206, 4208, 4400, 4204, 4208, ISP 4400, ISP 4500, CH 6000, CH 6004, CH 6008, 6300, 6304, 6308, 7000, 7004, 7008 and others.

Bogen® Communications, Inc. MMT1 (MMT-1), MMT34 (MMT-34), MMT68 (MMT-68), HSR4 (HSR-4), HSR6 (HSR-6), HSR8 (HSR-8)
The ProHold™
Series including Pro4 (Pro-4), Pro6 (Pro-6), Pro8 (Pro-8), Pro12 (Pro-12), Pro16 (Pro-16), DRDX and others.
Viking Electronics, Inc. DVA-3003 (DVA3003), DVA-1003 (DVA1003), DVA-1003A (DVA1003A), DVA-1003B (DVA1003B), DVA-500 (DVA500), DVA-500A (DVA500A), ERAM-60, DVA-LP, EV-1, DVA-2WA, DVA-TNT, ACA-1A, TMS-2, TMS-RDMA, TMS-6X, TMS-12A, SQRG-12 and others.

Interalia Voice, V22, SLA, SMU, DMU, ProMOH, XMU, MMU2 and others.
Skutch Electronics, AS-702 (AS702), AS-703M (AS703M), CK-1A2 (CK1A2), CK-1P (CK1P NOW CK-1P7), CK-1P2 (CK1P2), CK-1P3 (CK1P3), CK-1G1 (CK101), CK-2 (CK2), CK7 (CK7), BA-704 Star Tone (BA704), BA-704-2 (BA704-2), BA-5 (BA5), AS-801 (AS801), AT-7 (AT7), AS-4A (AS4A), AS-6 (AS6), AS-26 (AS26), BA-22 (BA22), AS-55 (AS55), CK-4 (CK4), BA-1000 (BA1000), BA-1000-A (BA1000A), T-21P and others.


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