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Complete Message On-Hold Package "Combo" Specials
includes Digital Player and Audio Production
While we offer "any length" custom Message On-Hold recordings and a wide variety of new digital equipment by one of
many fine manufacturers, we have assembled packages below to save you a tremendous amount of money!
Bogen® ProHold™ Pro4 Digital Package   Nel-Tech Labs SoundBrick® 500 Digital Player
From $199
Package includes our "Courtesy" Message On-Hold Production and the Bogen® ProHold™ Digital Player

(click here for details)
From $199
Package includes our "Courtesy" Message On-Hold Production and the N-T-L SoundBrick® Digital Player
(click here for details)

Bogen® HSR4 Digital Player   Bogen® MMT34 Digital Player

From $189
Package includes our "Courtesy" Message On-Hold Production and the Bogen® HSR4 Digital Player
(click here for details)
From $179
Package includes our "Courtesy" Message On Hold Production and the Bogen® MMT34 Digital Player
(click here for details)

Our complete Message On-Hold package specials include your choice of productions from "Custom Complete" to "Custom Lite" or "Courtesy Only," along with the Bogen® ProHold™, HSR or MMT34, or the SoundBrick® from Nel-Tech Labs, "Auto-load" digital models (subject to availability).

No matter which level of production you choose, you're on the way to preventing unwanted hang-ups while enhancing your on-hold wait time with appropreate music and message that may be tailored to your business.

These package specials feature our own "Lab-Certified" Pre-Owned quality Bogen® Digital record and playback on-hold message machines, along with our well known Powers Productions one year repair/replace peace of mind warranty.

Whether you select the Bogen® ProHold, HSR or MMT package, the ScoundBrick® (Nel-Tech Labs) package, or any of our message on-hold productions and associated equipment, you'll have the on-hold sound of a Fortune 1000 business, regardless of your company size or employee count.

If you're looking for pre-owned equipment only (without a message on hold production), click here.

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