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"Equipment Only" Specials: Skutch Electronics AS-801
Our Pre-Owned "certified" equipment can save you about half when compared to buying new !
Pre-owned Inventory may change daily - please contact us for availability...
List New: $540    Your Price: $289 !
Includes a One Year Warranty

RCA phono inputs for Hold Source 1, 2 and 3
RCA phono to KSU on hold control input
6 RJ-11 Modular connectors from wall to AS-801
6 RJ-11 Modular connectors from AS-801 to KSU
Standard 110v AC power line cord

Controls / Jumpers
individual music source level controls
Hold sensitivity control
CO line selection to any of 3 audio sources


 • Warranty
Powers Productions 1 Year Repair/Replace Warranty

Call for availability: 702.868.7676
Skutch AS-801
(Original Style)
Click Here to view the Factory Fresh version
Note: this "original style" functions the same as the current model, however on this model jumpers and level controls are adjusted internally by removing the two lid screws. This model is about one half the cost of new.

The AS801 Line Segregator Lets different companies have their own Music/Message On Hold on one Telephone System! The once impossible task of providing different Music/Message On Hold messages to specific, user defined, groups of telephone lines, in a single KSU, is now easily accomplished with the AS-801 Music/Message On Hold unit.

One typical application might be a legal office with multiple attornies each having their own assigned lines and specific Message On Hold. Another application could be at an automobile dealership where the Sales Department has (example) 3 lines with a Sales related Message On Hold, while the Service Department has 2 lines with Service related Message On Hold information, and the Parts Department has 1 line with a Parts related Message On Hold. All of this on a single KSU-Phone System.

The AS-801 Music/Message On Hold unit allows you to configure the groups any way you desire, allowing you to have up to 3 different audio sources with up to 6 Separate CO ("Central Office") main telephone lines. Fewer than 6 lines are fine, and more than 6 lines can easily be handled with multiple AS-801 Units. The AS-801 provides you with "per call, hang up signal passing."

Our pre-owned units feature the original style AS-801. Setup is as easy as removing the top plate (with two screws) to adjust individual message volume levels and assign each phone line one of the on hold messages by moving a simple "jumper."

NOTE: All CO telephone lines that go into the KSU that will ever be placed ON HOLD, MUST will be covered by the AS-801. Example: if you have 10 lines coming into a KSU, you MUST use two AS-801 Music On Hold units to cover the 10 lines (6 + 4). Since FAX and MODEM lines (for example) are never placed ON HOLD, they do not have to be covered by the AS-801. You can select which audio source is connected to which lines, by internal computer type jumpers. The AS-801 Music On Hold unit provides a female RCA type connector for each of the 3 audio source inputs. The unit also provides a master volume control for each audio source.

Note that your key system must already have existing Music-On-Hold capability and all telephone lines must be standard 1NB (Analog) lines. The AS-801 will not work on DID, T1, T2, or ISDN lines. The AS-801 installs in series, between the KSU and the CO telephone lines. The unit is connected to the telephone lines via MODULAR connectors, therefore if your key system is hard wired, you might need to hire a a telephone technician to install the system. The AS-801 supports both RJ-11 (1 line per jack) and RJ-14 (2 lines per jack) MODULAR connectors.

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  About our Pre-Owned units  
All of our Pre-Owned equipment has been specially hand-selected in our offering to you. These Pre-Owned gently used devices have been cleaned and sanitized, then electronically and mechanically restored and certified by our own lab. While they may contain light surface use ( most importantly), this AS-801 will work great! For peace-of-mind, we back it up with our one year repair/replace warranty. These units listed for hundreds more when new, so you can see just how much you are saving by purchasing "Pre-Owned." We include a user's manual, and necessary cables.


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