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Skutch Electronics CK-1R4 / CK1R4 Music/Message On Hold
for the RCA 25260 2-Line Phone System & Handsets
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Skutch CK-1R4 The CK1R4"Hold Button" Adapter was designed to provide Music/Message On Hold "Specifically" for the RCA 25260 2-line corded/cordless telephones. This Music/Message On Hold unit sits near the main base phone and has a small light board that attaches to the top of the base phone to give you continued line indication (on the base phone). This single CK-1R4 can be used by all of the phones in the system. It doesn't matter how many handsets you have, one CK-1R4 Music/Message On Hold unit will work with all of them.

The CK-1R4 works automatically in the background every time you press the HOLD button on the base or any of your handsets. This unit lets your message sound its best "On-Hold" from Cassette Players, PP Players, MP3 Players, CD Players, PC Sound Card Output, or any Powers Productions Digital Player (including our Pre-owned models). The CK-1R4 Music/Message On Hold unit sounds great On-Hold without having to buy an expensive telephone KEY system (PBX/KSU).

Note that the Beep that the callers normally hear every 10 seconds will still exist with the CK-1R4 connected as this is a feature of the phone itself and can not be disabled. The good news is that by feeding alternate audio programming (Music/Message On Hold) into the CK-1R4, this new audio (1) has a masking effect on the bare beep/silence sound, and (2) the audio program will draw the focus away from your existing bare BEEP - silence - BEEP - silence, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Pictured is the small "light board" that easily adheres to the phone base
Note The RCA Phone DOES NOT COME WITH THE Skutch CK-1R4 interface!! We are using the image of this phone to illustrate the phone.

Note: The CK-1R4 silver base sits
near the main RCA phone

Note: This RCA25260 is pictured for reference only
Check with us before purchasing any On-Hold Playback or Interface equipment elsewhere. We handle Premier Technologies, Bogen, Skutch, Viking, Nel-Tech, OnHoldPlus and more. Just about any brand and model. In fact, if you don't see a particular unit chances are we can get it for you at a very attractive price! We'll be happy to give you a competitive quote.
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