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Interalia "the VOICE" V22 (2 minute) / V24 (4 minute) / V28 (8 minute)
2 Port / 9 messages / Digital Voice Announcer-Recorder
( Pre-Owned, Certified, Warranted ! )
In addition to our Message On-Hold recordings and a wide variety of new digital equipment we also have "Lab-Certified" Pre-Owned Digital Voice Announcers (below) to save you a tremendous amount of money!

Please call for availability (702.868.7676)
the VOICE (2nd Generation)
Your Powers Productions Price

Pre-owned (about 1/3 of new list)
2 port 2 min (list new $940) $310

2 port 4 min
(list new $1225) $399
2 port 8 min (list new $1510) $499
Viking DVA-500 Digital Voice Announcers

Model V-22: 2 line/ 2 minutes
Model V-24: 2 line/ 4 minutes
Model V-28: 2 line/ 8 minutes
Number of Messages 1 to 9 user configured
  plus "standby"

Audio Inputs:
  > Handset: 90mV to 600mV @ 220Ù impedance
     (carbon or condenser handset)
  > Tape: 150mV to 1000mV @ 10KÙ impedance
Note: The tape port is set to receive line level inputs
between 150mV – 1000mV. Do not use a speaker
amplifier to connect to the tape port as it is capable of
over driving the input and causing distortion.
Power Supply: Input: 110 / 120VAC or 220 / 240VAC, 50 /   60Hz 20W
Output: 9VDC @ 1A
 1.75 in(4.5 cm) H x 8 in(20.3 cm) W x 8 in (20.3 cm) D
Weight: (Unit): 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kgs)
Approvals: FCC, CS_03, NRTL / C, BABT, CE
Telephone Line Interface:
 > Connector: RJ-11C modular jack
 > Line Activation: loop, ground, battery, E&M,
   continuous play
 > Off hook impedance: 600Ù nominal
 > Output level: High, -10dBm; Low, -16dBm
Audio Storage
Voice encoding / decoding: Pulse Code Modulation
Storage medium: FLASH
Sampling rate: 8kHz, 8 bits / sample
Frequency response: 300Hz to 3.4kHz (+/-3 dB)

Interalia "the Voice" Digital Voice Announcer
Pre-Owned, Lab Certified 2 port/channel and up to 9 messages
Includes 1 Year Warranty - Same as when new !

the VOICE is a solid state digital announcer designed for continuous maintenance free operation. the VOICE provides high quality recorded messages for telephone applications including ACD, UCD, DID intercept, after hours, hotel wake up and general public information announcements. An optional dry contact start allows the VOICE to work with public service announcement applications.

A large backlit LCD display and four-button touch pad allow you to easily program and perform system administration functions as well as see the system’s status. You can record up to 9 different messages. Each message can be assigned to either or both lines/ports. Within the programming the user can link any two messages together. (e.g., the same message in two languages).

An internal clock and calendar on board
the VOICE allows you to assign time and date stamps to different messages. With the VOICE you can program up to 20 holiday dates, which will override the standard outgoing message with a holiday message that you have recorded. You can also enable the daylight savings feature and, when activated, the VOICE will automatically adjust the system time.

Our inventory of
the VOICE may include 2, 4, or 8 minutes of recording time. Please check for availability. Your messages can be recorded from a handset, remotely via touch-tone telephone or downloaded from a tape deck. the VOICE uses non-volatile FLASH based memory that will retain all messages during power interruptions.

The VOICE is easy to install and operate and it interfaces well with all major telephone systems.

Of course we can professionally voice and produce any announcment or Auto-Attendant Promps you might require! Call or email for pricing.



• Rubber Feet included for desktop mounting

• Please allow Standard Shipping/Handling

Call to order now - 702.868.7676

  About our Pre-Owned "the Voice" by Interalia, Digital Voice Announcer  
All Pre-Owned Digital units have been specially hand-selected in our offering to you. These Pre-Owned devices have been cleaned and sanitized, then electronically and mechanically restored and certified by our own lab. While they may show light surface use, most importantly they sound & work great! We back them up with our one year repair/replace warranty and they should give you years of dependable service. These units list for hundreds more if purchased new, so you can see just how much you are saving by purchasing "Pre-Owned." We include a user's manual/pdf, AC "wart" power supply ... all the "extras" as if you had purchased new.

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